If you are thinking about consigning high quality items in good condition, we would be happy to discuss our terms and conditions with you.

Ticket prices are subject to the discretion of the consignor but clients are advised to follow our market guidelines. The consignor receives 50% of the sale price however, for unique and/or luxury goods, commissions can be negotiated as per the rates below:

Commission Rates                           Net Sales

$10,000 or more                                  70%

$  1,500 - $9,999                                 60%      


Revivre is well-known for its collection of top quality designer handbags. When consigning bags it adds value to provide receipts, certificates of authenticity, original boxes, dust covers and associated accessories.

Consignment notes will be emailed on receipt of goods. Payment for the sale of goods is either by direct debit or cheque.


For any further queries please contact

Or, alternatively telephone the store on +61 9362 0597 Monday to Friday
10am to 5pm.  AEST