Revivre has more than 29 years’ experience in recycled designer fashion. We guarantee authentic items which have been meticulously checked. Our research into comparable pricing and origins ensures your purchase is safe and satisfying. Our consignors are well vetted and, most frequently, are trusted long-term clients.

If you would like to consign high quality items that are in good condition, we would be happy to discuss our terms and conditions with you.  Please email photographs of the items that you are interested in consigning to [email protected]. Once your items have been approved we will arrange an appointment for you to drop them off.

*Please note it is essential that you bring your clothing in for consignment on hangers, washed and dry-cleaned. 

Our fee depends on the sale price of your items. You can view a breakdown of these fee's below:
50% - for items under $999
40% - for items over $1,000
35% - for items over $2,000
25% - for items over $5,000


For unique and/or luxury goods, such as handbags commissions can be negotiated and take into account how current the item is, the condition of the item and any provenance that can be provided (orginal reciepts, authenticty cards etc). Please note when consigning handbags it adds value to provide receipts, certificates of authenticity, original boxes, dust covers and associated accessories. If we are given a designer accessory without proof of purchase or authenticity we will charge $120 to authenticate the bag. 



If additional cleaning required to bring the item to saleable standard, we highly recommend the use of a bag spa service.


Payment for the sale of goods is either by direct deposit only or you may use the credit for a purchase in store. Payments for sold items are processed monthly by request or at the end of the consignment period. 


The consignment period may last for 2 – 3 months depending on the season, please note that if any items are not sold during this time they will be returned and require collection. Please be advised that Revivre has very limited space for storing unsold items, any items that are not collected after 2 weeks of being notified for a return, will be donated to charity. 


For any further queries please contact [email protected]. Or, alternatively telephone the store on +61 9362 0597Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. AEST